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10 Things We remember as Kids Growing up Italian

10 Things We remember as Kids Growing up Italian –

growing up italian

Growing up in an Italian Household was wonderful. There was continuity in the sense that your parents and your family were there for you for you whole life. You knew your grandparents. They often lived with you.

Cousins, the Holidays, The Food, The Love, The Laughter – Just so much to remember to warm your heart.

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6 Responses to “10 Things We remember as Kids Growing up Italian”

  1. We only called our grandmother “Nonna,” not “Grandma,” but certainly NOT “Grandmom!” That really ruined this article for me.

  2. That is exactly the way it was !
    Remember it well…….

  3. Yes!Cousins!Very true

  4. They were the best of times

  5. So true from Easter to Sundays and of coarse Wine and we didn’t abuse it when we got Aunt was a Nun true they had respect but they were mean they would hit you with there chalkboard pointer even over your head.But I loved being Italian we ruled!!!

  6. Valerie Folino Elliot Reply 20th July 2015 at 7:34 pm

    I remember the large Sunday dinners at Grandma and Grandas.Every Sunday ! About 20-30 of us. Plus extras that were always there. Eatting tomatoes out of the garden with grandpa. Walking to the bakery with grandma for fresh rolls. Sneaking meatball sandwiches from the kitchen before grandma caught us. Doing dishes after dinner just to turn around and put out leftover for whoever was hungry again. Really wish I would have carried on some of those traditions when I was raising my family. Work and life in general just seemed to overtake tradions.

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