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Delicious Almond Croissants Recipe – Laura Vitale –

Delicious Almond Croissants Recipe – Laura Vitale –

An Almond Croissant in the morning…. I can taste it now.  The topping and the filling combination along with the buttery croissant and a cup of freshly made coffee … is just too much! Just too much to resist.

Almost in a trance, your eyes roll back in your head, taste buds go crazy and … well… you get my drift. These almond  treats are probably similar to what the Chefs in heaven serve to their guests. 

Laura make this very easy to do by the way. It’s not complicated at all and your family will love you all the more….. LOL  All kidding aside these are to die for so give them a try. They truly are Delicious Almond Croissants…. YUM 

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Almond Croissants Recipe

From Laura Vitale

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