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Fused Glass Wine Pendant and Earring Set by LaGlasSea

Fused Glass Wine Pendant and Earring Set by LaGlasSea

Beautiful jewelry set for the wine lover. This set is made out of two layers of Spectrum 96 glass. The bottom layer is made using purple swirl opal glass and it is topped with clear glass. Each piece has black enamel decals fired into the glass.

The necklace is approximately 1″ x 2 1/2″. The earrings are approximately 1/2″ x 1″. The pieces have a silver bail. The pendant comes with your choice of cord. Please choice under variations.

Your set will come packaged in a presentation box tied with twine.

Buy now $22

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Here is information about the woman behind LeGlasSea

Hello, my name is Linda and I am a glass enthusiast. I am a full time special education teacher who works in my shop as a means to relax and unwind from a day of teaching. I decided to turn my hobby into a business. I must face the fact that my hobby was out of control anyway. I have been working with glass for 20ish years. I learned traditional stained glass and recently started dabbing in fused glass. I love both.

Stained glass is a craft, in a class of its own. I enjoy the whole process but my favorite part is the foil wrapping. I find it calming and relaxing in way. With fused glass, my favorite parts are the creating and adding inclusions. There is just something intriguing about trapping and preserving something in glass.

Although I am the crafty part of my business, I must give credit to my husband, Allan, for taking this journey with me. He actually designed and built my workshop area and continues to modify it, as I out grow it. He also builds wood frames for my panel patterns and cuts the brass channel on the finished product for my stained glass projects. I have to say that I love the creating part of fusing but hate the waiting, so Allan also tends to the kiln, which can take up to 11 hours. I must admit that he has mastered the kiln schedules because timing is everything when fusing glass.

The name LaGlasSea came from months of brainstorming ideas and variations of the word “glass”. I wanted our initials in the beginning of the name so the L is for Linda and the A is for Allan. I wanted to make sure the name had the word glass in it for the products that I create. The word Sea was added because we live so close to the Atlantic Ocean and it is a place that gives me a sense of serenity.

I believe it is important to thank people who have made a positive impression on your life so a special thank you to Nancy for teaching me a craft that I love and to Jack and Linda for talking me into my first kiln, my second one, and answering all of my questions.

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