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Grape Lady Falls – Ya’ Gotta’ Laugh

Grape Lady Falls – Ya’ Gotta’ Laugh –

Even though we have seen this video many times over it still strikes me funny. We understand the girl was ultimately ok but during this piece I find myself laughing out loud. It is particularly comical watching the news anchor lady try not to laugh. Really funny video even the the quality is poor.

Grape-stomping (also known as pigeage) is part of method of maceration used in traditional winemaking. Rather than using a wine press or other mechanized method, grapes were crushed by foot in vats to release their juices and begin fermentation.

One of the earliest extant visual representations of the practice appears on a Roman Empire sarcophagus from the 3rd century CE, which depicts an idealized pastoral scene with a group of Erotes harvesting and stomping grapes at Vindemia, a rural Roman vintage festival.

Many contemporary wineries hold grape stomping contests to attract visitors. The practice is also the subject of many depictions in contemporary media, including the 1974 Mel Tillis song “Stomp Them Grapes,” the I Love Lucy episode “Lucy’s Italian Movie,” and a children’s book by Alan Madison.

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