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Italian Americans Part 1 – Actors and Actresses

Italian Americans Part 1 – Actors and Actresses –

This is a very short list of the many Italian Americans who have attained Hollywood success. Watch the video for more. Very interesting list….

Lorraine Bracco (born 1954) Italian father – Academy Award-nominated 
Steve Buscemi (born 1957) Italian father and part Irish mother –  
Tony Danza (born 1951) actor/talk show host 
Vincent D’Onofrio (born 1959) son of Sicilian parents – film/television actor and director 
Hulk Hogan (Terry Gino Bollea) (born 1953) 50% Italian wrestler
Anjelica Huston (born 1951) mother of Italian descent 
Ed Marinaro (born 1950) actor and former football player
Chazz Palminteri (born 1952) film actor 
Joe Pantoliano (born 1951) film/television actor 
Joe Piscopo (born 1951) actor and comedian (Saturday Night Live)
Jon Polito (born 1950) Italian mother (Canpania) and Father (Ischia) 
Ray Romano (born 1957) actor and comedian (Everybody Loves Raymond)
Steve Schirripa (born 1957) television actor and writer (The Sopranos)
Gary Sinise (born 1955) 25% Italian ancestry – actor (CSI: NY)
John Travolta (born 1954) Italian-American father  
John Turturro (born 1957) actor, cousin of Aida Turturro 
Steven Van Zandt (Lento) (born 1950) musician, songwriter, arranger, record producer, actor, and disc jockey (The Sopranos)
Robert De Niro (born 1943) 25% Italian ancestry – 
Danny DeVito (born 1944) actor, director 
Dennis Farina (1944–2013) son of Sicilian parents 
Annette Funicello (1942–2013) actress, most popular Mouseketeer
Bruno Kirby (Quidaciolu) (1949–2006) son of Sicilian parents
Al Pacino (born 1940) son of Sicilian parents 

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