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Italian Culteral Tips from an American Perspective

Italian Cultural Tips from an American Perspective –

Isn’t it interesting how different the two societies are. In America we run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Our days consist of work, work, work. We all have mortgages, car payments, college loans, credit card bills and you name it. Therefore we really do live to work.

The Italians on the other hand are totally different. Breakfast is almost non existent. Lunch is the biggest meal of the day. Followed by a siesta for most of the afternoon. After which the stores re-open and people begin to get together again. Dinner is often served late in the evening really throwing off any Americans that may be visiting.

Coffee is usually enjoyed while standing at the coffee bar and it is almost always Espresso. Americans that are used to a cup of Joe will be very dissapointed. But that is the way it is. And most of all do not order a Cappuccino after 11 AM. Very much frowned on……

So that is only a few of the differences. Enjoy your trip and when you get back you’ll understand why all over the world… Everybody Loves Italian!

From Frank Granieri

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