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Luciano Pavarotti – Larry King Interview Part 1

Luciano Pavarotti – Larry King Interview Part 1 –

Luciano Pavarotti in this video is being interviewed by Larry King regarding his new album being promoted at that time called “Ti Adoro” which means I adore you. Luciano looked back at Enrico Caruso for inspiration. He talks about these efforts as being cross over songs created to take Luciano from the Opera/Aria venue to the Pop Vain.

He goes on about his feeling that this album is Unique because it is so different. Performing the songs much differently that the way anyone has done them before.

And by the way The album “Ti Adoro” is dedicated to his daughter who at the time was 8 months old.

Luciano then talks about how he enjoys performing in front of a live audience more so than in a studio. Larry asks if Luciano is planning his retirement when he reaches 70 years old. Then it is discussed whether or not Luciano will miss singing if he would retire.

The discussion then moves to the conversation that has to do with whether or not people can sing better as they get older. Sinatra and Tony Bennett always have said that this is true and Luciano echoed that sentiment. He also talks about a few of the Operas with extremely high notes. High notes that even he, in excellent voice at the time confessed that he could no longer reach at his age.

As the discussion goes on Luciano explains that he was an elementary school teacher before his first night on stage. He talks about his fear that first time on stage. The difficulty in remembering the words, the melody and all the rest. It was an extraordinary night though as he recalls and was the first of many extraordinary performances.

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