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MUST SEE – Passionate kids play the ancient Italian game of “Morra” –

Impassioned Kids Playing the ancient game of “MORRA”

Eventilation though you may not understand the language this is worth a look.

And….Calm? I don’t think so! Even at this young age the kids really get into playing the Italian Fingers Game – “Morra”

Watch this video. It will Crack you up as kids in Italy become extremely impassioned as they play this ancient game.


  1. Hands must be in clear view to players and referees
  2. One challenger cannot play after they see what the other has shown
  3. The point is won by the player who guesses correctly the sum of all fingers displayed
  4. If both players guess correctly, the point is unassigned and the game continues
  5. The set is won by the player who is first to score 16 points in the first and the return game, and 21 in the deciding one
  6. If both players tie the score when they miss a point to win, they play a 5 point tie-break
  7. The match is awarded to the winner of two out of three sets
  8. Players cannot challenge referees’ decisions
  9. It is an individual game, but you can also play with a mate against two others, as they do in the Championships
  10. In such a case, two challengers start the game and the one who wins the point has the lead until they lose it

Micatio is also played in competitions with four-person teams. Team members compete one at a time, facing their opponent. Each team member plays four times, and a match consists of eleven points.

Micatio is still popular today in southern Italy, and may have been played in Ancient Rome.

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