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Rules for being Italian – Sunday Family Dinner

Rules for being Italian – Sunday Family Dinner

The Sunday Family Dinner is a staple in the Italian culture.  As the world changes, less and less families are able to sit down for dinner on a daily basis and less families are gathering at nonna’s house for a Sunday Family Dinner.  Dominic & Frank believe that this is a very important part of our culture because it allows different generations of family to spend quality time together sharing wonderful stories and spending quality time together.  Lets face it, our time on this planet will eventually come to an end, so lets enjoy every day we have and make a point to spend it with the people we love.  The memories that are created at the Sunday Family Dinner will last a life time.  We are sure that if you look back you can remember going to your nonna’s house and playing with your cousins and people always hung out in the kitchen.  They would play cards and/or games.  Even though they would see each other ever single week, they never ran out of things to talk about.

Dominic and Frank want to bring back the Sunday Family Dinner.  We encourage you to try and spend as many dinners with your family as possible.  Pasta and sauce is very inexpensive, easy to make, and goes a long way.  We hope that you and your family are still keeping this tradition alive.  If you have moved away from your family, then invite your close friends over.  We believe that a busy kitchen makes for a happy life.  The whole concept of the Sunday Family Dinner supports our motto: “Embrace the past, Love in the present, and Inspire the future.

Help us Bring Back the Sunday Family Dinner!

Sunday Dinner with family

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