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Sam Mastrogiacomo

For God and Country–In that Order

Sam Mastrogiacomo in Sweden

Sam_20Mastrogiacom_1096894aIs a true-to-life World War II memoir about flying the B-24 bomber. Sam Mastrogiacomo brings the enormity of the situation into perspective for you as you follow his training for an combat–an experience that no training prepared the young airmen for.

The book is based on real-life adventures. Watch as the stories unfold during a time when the whole world was engaged in stopping the horrors of the worst war in the history of mankind.

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You will read this vignettes over and over again!

Follow Sam’s adventures through training, duty in North Africa and England, and as he becomes a POW (internee) in Sweden. Read about his daring escape.

For his heroism in battle, Sam was awarded the DFC–Distinguished Flying Cross.

Read about Sam’s thwarted “Fifteen Minutes of Fame”, when he returned from a mission during which he shot down two planes. Sam Mast 2As photographers and reporters from LIFE magazine prepared to interview him, Sam’s fellow 445th colleague, the famous actor and pilot Jimmy Stewart, appeared on his bike, ending Sam’s chance of being a LIFE subject.

The book is filled with many original photos, letters and other visuals to give readers a unique picture of what it was like to fly and fight in a B-24 in World War Two.



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