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Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – The Lady is a Tramp

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – Lady is a Tramp

The lyrics portray a woman who has her own priorities in life and who is not interested to play with New York high society stereotypes. Hence she is dismissed as a tramp. The original lyrics are more explicit than subsequent versions and portray dated references to mid ’30s New York urban life and culture.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga recorded a version of this song for his 2011 album Duets II. Bennett praised Gaga’s performance in the song, saying that she is a real “jazz lady”. They performed the song live on ABC’s Thanksgiving special dedicated to, written, directed, produced and hosted by Gaga entitled A Very Gaga Thanksgiving. They were the opening number, singing next to an old piano in a casual obscure room. Gaga played the part of a “tramp” with class and style Bennett said, “I see in Lady Gaga a touch of theatrical genius, she is very creative and very productive, I think as time goes on she might be America’s Picasso. I think she’s going to become as big as Elvis Presley.”  The song, even though not officially released got to enter the Japan Hot 100, where it has managed to enter the top 40 and it has also entered the top 200 extension to the UK Singles Chart.

The song as well as the video received critical acclaim for the vocals of both Bennett and Gaga as well as for the simplicity of the video, which departs from Gaga’s usual efforts. The song received praise from both E! and MTV. Other critics expressed hopes that Gaga would release her own jazz music after this successful effort.

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