Fettuccine Homemade

Fettuccine Homemade

for dough*:

  • 2 cups all purpose unbleached flour or Italian 00 flour

  • 1.5 cups semolina flour

  • 2 whole eggs plus 3 more egg yolks


Combine the flours on the counter and make a well in the center. Break the eggs in this well, and, with a fork, beat the eggs and then start incorporating some of the flour. Continue this until the dough is firm and not very sticky. You may not use quite all of the flour. Bring the dough into a ball and knead until the dough is soft. Wrap in plastic wrap and let it rest for at least 20 minutes. (You may also make this dough and knead it in your stand mixer, with the dough hook. Semolina flour is a little tougher to knead than regular flour).

After the dough has rested, roll the dough into sheets with your pasta rollers and then use the fettuccine attachment to cut into strips. I usually roll the dough to setting #6.