Nonna singing Italian Nursery Rhyme “Sega Sega Mastu Ciccio”

Nonna singing Italian Nursery Rhyme 

Sega Sega Mastu Ciccio


Nursery rhymes are often quick little songs that are sung to children to help soothe them.  This tradition takes place in all cultures and we tend to sing the same songs to our children that our parents and grandparents sang to us.   Below are the lyrics in Italian and English for “Sega Seag Mastu Ciccio.


In Italian it goes like this:

Sega sega mastu Ciccio
na panèlla e nu sacìccio;
‘o sasiccio ce ‘o pappammo
e ‘a panella ce ‘a stipamme.

Here is the English Translation

Saw saw, master Francisco,
A loaf of bread and a sausage
The sausage, we eat it
And the loaf of bread, we keep it.


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Hope you enjoythis Nonna singing Sega Sega Mastu Ciccio!