Thanking the Police

Thanking the Police


Have you ever taken a moment to

Thank the Police? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t need Police. If everyone respected each other and did the right thing. A world where cruelty and lawlessness didn’t exist. That would be a place where we would simply ask the “would be criminal” to please be rational and leave us alone. He or she out of good conscience would see the error in their ways, then apologize and go on, thanking us for helping them come to their senses. WOW…. that would be great!

Burglaries would never happen because people would respect each other’s property. Domestic violence would not exist because social workers would train people before hand not to argue or fight.  And illegal drugs… well the social workers would reason with the Cartels’ explaining to them that they are hurting a lot of good people and would ask them to please stop. The Cartels’ would most certainly agree and back off since after all they are good people  too (just a little misunderstood) and would put our welfare in front of theirs. 



Drivers wouldn’t speed anymore because it will be explained to them that in breaking the law they are putting others in jeopardy. As a result speeding would become a thing of the past. Just like running a red light, driving while under the influence and parking in no parking zones. 

People that are now disposed to riot and destroy other people’s property in the name of Peaceful Protest would apologize for all the businesses they’ve ruined. I can hear them now… “Please accept our apologies we over reacted. Our group will be back over the weekend to clean up the mess. Thanks for making us aware of what we are doing wrong. “


And Social Workers would fill the void when child molesters steal someone’s baby. Social worker detectives would spend their time analyzing people that don’t listen in an effort to get to the bottom of their problem. And when murders happen which seem to be common place any more in many of our inner city communities, we can count on social workers to dig in and explain to the murderers that what the did is bad. You shouldn’t do those things. Promise not to kill anyone else anymore … ok!!!

Thank the Police….!????

Why should we thank the police when all we really need is Social workers that would go in an calm the unrest or turn bad people into good? Just good reasoning. No need for choke holds, guns or aggression.



But we all know that in reality the world is not that way. There are thousands maybe millions of people around the world that simply don’t care about breaking the law. The laws that were originally created to protect good people from other people that couldn’t care less about doing the right thing. 


And who is it that we hire to protect us from those people that again, couldn’t care less about doing the right thing? Who is it that we train to fight those same people that don’t care who they hurt. And who is it that we contract to go into the inner city War Zones to attempt to keep order in an atmosphere of anger and aggression …?


Who is it again? Who?????

The Police. Our Police, that’s Who.

Young men and women who sign on for the job and every day put their lives on the line for the benefit of the communities and people they protect. 

Just people, usually young people, people with families just like the rest of us. People that we expect to be super human when attempting to do their thankless job. People that often have a target on their backs. People that have to be ready to be ambushed or fired upon as we have seen more recently without a moments warning.


These are the people that now are targets of hatred. But who hates them? Obviously and first of all it’s those people we mentioned above, those that habitually break the law. And why? Very simply because it’s the police that are out doing their jobs in the middle of the night when the rest of us are sleeping. You know, the best time to break the law, when no one is looking.

Who hates them again?

The people that the cops catch driving under the influence. The people that commit robbery, rape and murder. The people that are “Protesting” by destroying hundreds of millions of other people’s properties without any fear of reprisal. The same law breaking people that attack the good people. The Good People, the people that are honoring the law. 

Those well meaning people that innocently think that all these problems can be fixed by getting rid of the Police are living in a dream world. That is until the violence comes to their neighborhood. That’s when they call, ironically …..  

The Police

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