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Beniamino Gigli – Mamma (Classic from a movie)

Beniamino Gigli  – Mamma Beniamino Gigli (March 20, 1890 – November 30, 1957) was an Italian opera singer. The most famous tenor of his generation, he was renowned internationally for the great beauty of his voice and the soundness of his vocal technique. Music critics sometimes took him to task, however, for what was perceived to be […]

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Mama – Connie Francis

Mama – Connie Francis – “Mama” is a popular song first written in 1941 by Cesare Andrea Bixio with Italian lyrics by Bixio Cherubini under the title “Mamma son tanto felice” (Mum, I am so happy). The performers of this song included: Beniamino Gigli, Luciano Tajoli,Richard Tucker, Claudio Villa, Robertino Loreti, Violetta Villas, Muslim Mogomayev, Luciano Pavarotti, […]

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