10 Interesting things about “Italians”

10 Interesting Things about Italians 


10. As Immigrants they exhibited extraordinary Courage


Between 1861 and 1985, 29,036,000 Italians emigrated to other countries. 

They risked everything 

Trying to make a better life for their families.

9. As Immigrants Italians Overcame Prejudice


Unable to speak the language Italians often looked different with their dark eyes and skin with names like Mario or Luigi.  

As a result of horrendous prejudice 

  In the 1890’s alone, more than 20 Italians were lynched.

8. Around the world Italian immigrants exhibited Strong Work Ethic / Entrepreneurial Spirit


Italians around the world have been heavily involved in innovation and creation of strong and long lasting companies. 

One example was a Neapolitan American named A.P. Giannini began offering small loans to his fellow Italians.  Today, Giannini’s Banca D’Italia has become the Bank of America.


7. Naturally Enjoy Life


For Italians everywhere in the world, the phrase describes the way they embrace every experience as one to be savored.

From great music to fine art to outstanding food, every Italian considers certain pleasures a birthright.

Love, Italian style isn’t just an ordinary romance; it’s seeing the romance in everything.


6. To Value Dignity & Respect


Italians display enthusiasm for another person by touching, hugging and kissing, particularly when saying hello.

Italians give importance to verbal commitments and expect you to honor your handshake agreement.

“Once a friend you are a friend for life.”


5. To Appreciate Quality 


“Made in Italy” expresses excellence of creativity and craftsmanship.

 The whole world admires and trusts a product that is Made in Italy and many people are prepared to make huge sacrifices to be able to purchase an Italian branded article, which they will wear with great pride.


4. The Importance of Fresh Food


Italian Food is the world’s favorite!

From Simplicity and Fresh Ingredients right down to the wine and coffee…

There simply are no words that adequately do this justice. Suffice to Say……. Everybody Loves Italian


3. Respect for your Grandparents


Italian households worldwide usually contained three generations of the family. Italians took care of their own.

Grandparents for most of us were an integral part of our families. They were loved and respected and were the catalysts to the lasting relationships between the cousins that continually interacted between families. 

As the saying goes…

“Grandmom’s House, Where Cousins became Best Friends”

2. The Importance of “Family”


Holiday visits were always looked forward to. First, Second, Third Cousins and “Cousins” that weren’t even related were a part of Life. Relationships that many of us maintain to this day.

Family is the social hub of a traditional Italian’s life.

1. To Welcome ….

images (2)

Italians are characteristically very friendly, welcoming, outgoing, and emotionally generous. 

With a deep and traditional respect for the elderly young people often stand up when an older relative or friend enters the room.

Food is for sharing. Everybody sits at the same table! Usually, when you are in an Italian person’s home you are treated as if you’re Family.

Everybody Loves Italian

Benvenuti !




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