10 Wonderful Things that will Shock Tourists about Italy

10 Wonderful Things that will Shock Tourists about Italy




Tourists that visit Italy are usually very surprised by some of the customs specific to this country. The people, the food, the language, the various cultures between Sicily, Napoli, Milano, etcetera.

Just a Wonderful Country filled with Wonderful People. Enjoy Everything when you go there – But to most Tourists some of the things that are normal here in Italy are particularly shocking to them coming from places like   Germany or America for example.

Take a look at the video below. It’s an Interesting List that may surprise you too. 


Traditions of Italy are some set of traditionsbeliefsvalues, and customs that belongs within the culture of Italian people. These traditions have influenced life in Italy for centuries, and are still practiced in our modern days. Italian traditions are directly connected to Italian’s ancestors, which tells us even more about Italian history.

A Few traditions in Italy

  • The Italian folk dance is a traditional dance, that has been practiced since the Renaissance period and influenced famous writers and philosophers like Dante.

  • One of the most known and requested traditions is the Carnival of Venice , usually celebrated between the first and last week of February.

  • The city of Ivrea is greatly known for the Battle of Oranges this should refer to Napoleone ‘s acts. It’s usually celebrated around the third week of February.

Funny and interesting fact of the many interesting facts about Italian History

An egg of Columbus or Columbus’ egg refers to a brilliant idea or discovery that seems simple or easy after the fact. The expression refers to an apocryphal story in which Christopher Columbus, having been told that discovering the Americas was inevitable and no great accomplishment, challenges his critics to make an egg stand on its tip. After his challengers give up, Columbus does it himself by tapping the egg on the table to flatten its tip.

The story is often alluded to when discussing creativity. The term has also been used as the trade name of puzzles.

Everybody Loves Italian

10 Wonderful Things that will Shock Tourists about Italy

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Dominic and Frank forever Celebrating Life, Love and the Italian Experience

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