Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Blossom Recipe with Robiola and Tuna

This stuffed zucchini flower recipe is another fantastic and unusual variant for the filling of this summer Italian appetizer: try this unusual cheese and tuna filling. You’ll love it!


  • 12 zucchini flowers
  • 1 big potato
  • 3 zucchini
  • 6.5 oz tuna in oil
  • 7 oz robiola
  • pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil

6 servings


15 min.


40 min.


55 min.

This stuffed zucchini flower recipe is another fantastic and unusual variant for the filling of this summer Italian appetizer. Although someone may find it odd, the zucchini flower is edible and delicate, and the best way to cook it is stuffed, fried or baked. You can buy zucchini blossoms in those supermarkets that sell fresh gourmet products, with a special eye on Italian cuisine.

Today’s fish and cheese filling is unusual but really special. In fact, Robiola is a fresh cheese with a soft and creamy texture and a pleasant and intense flavor that combines perfectly with the strong taste of tuna fish.

How to Clean Zucchini Flowers

Wash the flowers by paying attention not to spoil the petals with a too strong water jet. Then dry them with paper towels. Delicately, open the petals using the fingers and cut off the pistil. Now you can use the zucchini flower for your recipe.

Robiola Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Flower with Tuna


  • Wash the vegetables, peel the potato and cut 1/4 inch off each zucchini end.
  • Dice both the zucchini and the potatoes and cook inthem a pan with a little oil. When they are tender and you can easily pierce them with a fork, let cool.
  • Mix Robiola cheese, tuna, pepper and salt to taste and add the vegetables to the mixture.
  • Take the flowers, wash and dry gently, then remove the pistils with your fingers and fill them with the mixture.
  • Place them in a glass pan, oil, pepper and add a pinch of salt.
  • Bake in the oven at  390° F for about 30 minutes.
  • If the top of the zucchini flowers ets a brownish color to quickly, cover with an aluminum foil.

Zucchini flowers with tuna by Taz CC 2.0

Zucchini blossoms by Scott Dexter CC 2.0

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