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Visit Calabria – Sing Calabrisella

Sing Calabrisella –

Visit Calabria –

I have a special connection with Calabria. My Father’s parents both emigrated here from the little town of Maida. Actually this is the same town where Gay Talese’s family came from. WOWL

Pretty Cool…. huhh? LOL 

Anyway, for those not familiar with this region… Calabria known in antiquity as Bruttium or formerly as Italia, is a region in southern Italy, forming the “toe” of the Italian Peninsula. The word Calabrisella refers to a girl from Calabria or sometimes referred to Calavrisella with the V taking the place of the B – Calavrisella / Calabresella.

Although the official national language of Calabria has been Standard Italian since before unification in 1861, as a consequence of its deep and colourful history, Calabrian dialects have developed that have been spoken in the region for centuries. The Calabrian dialect is a direct derivative of the Latin language, and is closer to the words spoken in Latin than the standard Italian.  In isolated pockets, as well as some quarters of Reggio Calabria a variety of Occitan can also be found in certain communities and French has had an influence on many Calabrian words and phrases. In addition, since Calabria was once ruled by the Spanish, some Calabrian dialects exhibit Spanish derivatives.

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  1. Grazie..Thank-You so very much!! This shows me where my Noni came from!! Blessings, Rosa

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