John Pizzarelli – After You’ve Gone – Spectacular Guitarist….

John Pizzarelli – After You’ve Gone – Spetacular Guitarist –

John Paul Pizzarelli, Jr. is an American jazz guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and bandleader. He has had a lengthy career as a recording artist, performing for a variety of labels that include Telarc Records, RCA Records and Chesky Records, among others. He has recorded twenty-three albums of his own, as well as other joint recordings with his father, Bucky Pizzarelli. Additionally, he has appeared on more than forty albums of other recording artists, including those of Sir Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Rosemary Clooney and his wife, Jessica Molaskey.

Pizzarelli, an Italian American, was born in Paterson, New Jersey, the son of legendary jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. During childhood, Pizzarelli was a counselor at the now defunct Knights Day Camp. He grew up in Bergen County, New Jersey and attended Don Bosco Preparatory High School in Ramsey, New Jersey, an all-boys Roman Catholic High School.[3] He frequently expresses pride about being from New Jersey; a fan favorite at his live shows is the Cosgriff-Bernardi number I Like Jersey Best, a largely humorous tribute to the Garden State.

Pizzarelli has played baseball (in one capacity or another) all his life. In high school he split his time between studying music and playing sports. As he once said in an interview: “I wasn’t making any of the sports teams and I was a big sports fanatic. That’s when I realized there was a reason why I was going to band practice.”

He married the actress and singer Jessica Molaskey in 1998, and the couple have a daughter, Madeleine. Pizzarelli also has a son, John Paul Pizzarelli, who is now attending college. They now live in New York City.

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