Connie Francis -Talks about “Who’s Sorry Now”

Connie Francis – Talks about

“Who’s Sorry Now”

Connie Francis talks about how her father insisted that she record the song – “Who’s Sorry Now”. Her first #1 Hit….In her autobiography Who’s Sorry Now, published in 1984, Connie Francis recalls that she was encouraged by her father, George Franconero. He insisted that she appear regularly at talent contests, pageants and other neighborhood festivities from the age of four as a singer and accordion player.

Connie Francis, discouraged about her inability up until that time to get a break, considered a career in medicine. She was about to accept a four-year scholarship offered at New York University. At what was to have been her final recording session for MGM on October 2, 1957, she recorded a cover version of the 1923 song “Who’s Sorry Now?”. The song was written by Bert Kalmar and Harry Ruby. Connie Francis has said that she recorded it at the insistence of her father, who was convinced it stood a chance of becoming a hit.  He believed that it was a song adults already knew and that teenagers would dance to if it had a contemporary arrangement.

Connie Francis, who did not like the song at all and had been arguing about it with her father heatedly.  She delayed the recording of the three other songs during the session so much, that in her opinion there was no time left on the continuously running recording tape. However her father insisted, and when the recording “Who’s Sorry Now?” was finished, there were only a few seconds left on the tape.

The single seemed to go unnoticed like all previous releases – just as Connie had predicted. But on January 1, 1958, the song debuted on Dick Clark’s American Bandstand. By mid-year, over a million copies had been sold, and Connie was suddenly launched into worldwide stardom. In April 1958, “Who’s Sorry Now” reached # 1 on the UK Singles Chart and # 4 in the US. For the next four years, Connie Francis was voted the “Best Female Vocalist” by American Bandstand viewers.

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