“Gidrul” Italian Slang Word of the Day with Stevie B.


Italian Slang Word of the Day

with Stevie B.


Growin’ up I heard this over and over again. When someone would act particularly dumb or dopey he would be called a Gidrul (Cetriolo in Grammatica Italiano). 


Cetriolo or Gidrul in Slang is a Common expression among old world Italians. Actually it means Cucumber…. I know too funny right!

It’s more of a comical expression there is nothing vulgar about it. He is such a “Gidrul”.



If you grew up in an Italian American or for that matter any Italian / English speaking Immigrant family…. didn’t matter if you were first, second or third generation you heard these slang words. 


OOO Chooch is an example of what we are calling an Italian American Slang word

Actually many of them were simply words that had been bastardized in the transition from Italian or from a particular Italian dialect into English.


Stevie B


These days they are just too funny to hear but all of us remember words such as Capeesh (Capisci) for example. Capeesh was a word that meant Understand in Italian. So when the people emigrated and wanted to react to someone that didn’t understand they would say… Capeesh? It is just something that we all grew up with. 


Stevie B.. Italian Slang Word of the Day

In these videos Stevie B. in a non vulgar way brings back these adorable words for us to hear again. Some people take offense saying that we are in some way dimunizing our culture. On the other hand these are fond memories we have of our Italian ancestry. 



Stevie B and the Italian Slang Word of the Day


As I go through his library of slang words my memory comes alive. Words like Pazzo or Crazy, Acita or Heartburn, Mortadefam or Morta di fame which translates into starving to death or as a noun to describe someone as a mortadem. Somebody that always complains that he is poor or in a bad way… starving to death. 


Stevie B


Managia which I often say to this day is kind of a swear word that is an expression of unpleasant surprise.

Che Cozzo – Which begs to ask why? But not really in a nice way.


Crazy Stevie B as he conjures up the Italian Slang Word of the Day


Anyway you will see what I mean. We applaud Stevie for putting these together. Really cracks me up and… Not only does he say and describe the Italian or Dialect version of the word he also expresses the same thing in “Proper English”. Just Too Funny. So take a moment and let Stevie entertain you with the Italian Slang word of the Day. We can all use a good laugh.

Don’t Be a Chooch !!!




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