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Everybody Loves Somebody

Dean Martin


Dean Martin – Early Days


Everybody Loves Somebody was written 1947 by Irving Taylor and Ken Lane. It was recorded by Dean on April 16, 1964 and reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 on August 15.


Dean and his brother as kids

By 1964 Everybody Loves Somebody had already been recorded by several artists – including Frank Sinatra – but without much success.


Dean and Frank


Ken Lane was playing piano for Dean Martin on his Dream with Dean LP sessions. With an hour or so of studio time left they were one song short. It was suggested last minute that Martin take a run at Ken’s tune, Everybody Loves Somebody. Dean was agreeable and performed a relatively quiet, laid back jazz version of the song.


Handsome and Young Dean Martin


Although still a major recording artist, Dean had not had a Top 40 hit since 1958. At the time the British Invasion ruled the U.S. charts. Few had hopes that an Italian crooner who had been singing mainly standards for almost 20 years would sway many teenagers.


Dean Martin and his brother circa 1925 – PRICELESS

Privately Dean resented rock n’ roll. At home, like many teenagers at the time Dean’s son, Dean Jr. worshiped The Beatles.  Dean told his son, “I’m gonna’ knock your Pallies off the charts.” 


Dean Martin


And on August 15, 1964 Dean did just that. “Everybody Loves Somebody” knocked The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” off the #1 slot on Billboard. The song went straight up to the top of  the Billboard Hot 100. It stayed at the top of the “Pop-Standard Singles” chart, for eight weeks.


Dean Martin during his Variety Show – Thursday Nights at 9 PM Back in the day.

Ultimately the song replaced “That’s Amore” as Dean Martin’s signature song. As a result Dean sang Everybody Loves Somebody as the theme of his weekly television variety show from 1965-74. 

The words “Everybody Loves Somebody” appear on Dean’s grave marker in Los Angeles.

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Everybody Loves Somebody

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