Figs And Prosciutto Appetizer Recipe

Figs And Prosciutto Appetizer Recipe

A chic but surprisingly easy appetizer that will dazzle and impress.

Yield: 4  amuse-buche servings or 2 full-sized appetizer servings

Figs And Prosciutto Appetizer Recipe Instructions
2 –  big to medium-sized figs
4 –  slices of Prosciutto di parma
10 year old balsamic vinegar
5 oz. Parmigiano reggiano
Baby greens, for garnish
1. Wash the figs and them in half.
2. Cut the parmigiano into sticks about 1/2 inch thick and reserve.
3. Wrap each slice of Prosciutto around the the figs.
Arrange on a plate as shown, along with one stick of cheese per fig half, then drizzle with Balsamic Vinegar and garnish with
some fresh greens.

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