Frank Sinatra & Celine Dion Fantastic Tribute – “All The Way”

Frank Sinatra & Celine Dion

“All The Way”

Fantastic Tribute 



Frank and Celine


This particular video is of Celine singing with Frank in the distance. It’s a must see if you are either an Old Blue Eyes or Celine Dion Fan. Wonderfully done. Bravo David Foster and Celine.

All The Way – Frank & Celine

The Best of Celine Dion & David Foster is a compilation album by Canadian singer Celine Dion, released by Sony Music Entertainment in selected Asian countries on 19 October 2012. It features songs produced by Grammy Award-winning musician, record producer and songwriter, David Foster, including previously unreleased “If I Can Dream” (duet with Elvis Presley) and “All the Way” with Frank Sinatra.


Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion – Wonderful Tribute


This Asia exclusive release celebrates twenty years of partnership between Celine Dion and David Foster. It includes hits like “Because You Loved Me,” “The Power of Love,” “All by Myself,” “Tell Him” (duet with Barbra Streisand) and “To Love You More,” and previously unreleased duet with Elvis Presley on “If I Can Dream.” The latter track was recorded for Idol Gives Back and Dion performed it with Presley (together on stage with use of rotoscoping) on American Idol on 25 April 2007. 


Celine and Frank singing All the Way – Wonderfully Done


The Best of Celine Dion & David Foster also contains duets with Andrea BocelliFrank Sinatra, Luciano Pavarotti and Clive Griffin. Three songs included here were featured in films: “Because You Loved Me” in Up Close & Personal, “When I Fall in Love” in Sleepless in Seattle and “The Prayer” in Quest for Camelot. However, the album does not include any song from Unison (1990), where Foster produced five tracks. The cover photo was taken from an exclusive session with Dion and Foster at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in October 2005, made by photographer Jerry Metellus for the NUVO magazine.



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