Great Depression Cooking – Clara Cannucciari – “Dandelion Salad”

Great Depression Cooking

Clara Cannucciari 

“Dandelion Salad”

Dandelion Salad was a staple in our family especially in the Spring when they were first out of the ground. Check out Clara as she shares her experience with what we used to call “Cicorie” or Dandelions. 

We have been watching these videos from Clara for some time now and we never seem to get enough. Lovely lady and its really something to hear her stories about her parents and what they did to insure their family would survive the Great Depression. 

Great Depression Cooking with Clara – The Book


Clara Cannucciari  (August 18, 1915 – November 29, 2013) was the host of the web series Great Depression Cooking with Clara and author of the book Clara’s Kitchen.


Great Depression Cooking with Clara Cannucciari

Born in Melrose Park, Illinois, on August 18, 1915, Clara Cannucciari went on to live through America’s Great Depression. During these difficult times, her freshly emigrated Sicilian American parents (Giuseppe and Giuseppina Bonfanti) were hit especially hard by America’s economic woes. Clara’s mother found inventive ways to stretch the family’s meals and they emerged from the Depression safe and healthy.

In 2007, her grandson Christopher Cannucciari began filming Clara preparing her mother’s Depression meals and assembled the footage into the YouTube series Great Depression Cooking with Clara. She retired shortly after her 96th birthday and her last video was posted on November 10, 2013 (Twice Baked Potato).


Great Depression Cooking with Clara Cannucciari