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Incomparable Jerry Vale – La Chitarra Romana – Roman Guitar

Jerry Vale – La Chitarra Romana – Roman Guitar –

A little history about Jerry Vale.

Genaro Louis Vitaliano was born in the Bronx, N.Y., to Italian immigrant parents, and the Bronx Italian American community was the place where he grew up. In high school, to earn money, Vale took a job shining shoes in a barbershop in New York City. Still a teenager, he left school for a job in a factory, where he worked as an oiler alongside his father. During his time at the barbershop, he sang while he shined shoes, and his boss liked the sound so well that he paid for music lessons for the boy. Enjoying the lessons, Vale started singing in high school musicals and at a local nightclub.

Another wonderful success story – Always the gentleman – Jerry Vale

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