Italian Mums (Mothers) – Joe Avati – Italian-Australian comedian

 Italian Mums (Mothers)

Joe Avati

Italian Australian Comedian


Very Funny

Most people outside of Australia have never heard of Joe Avati. In fact most American Italians have never heard of Joe Avati but he is very funny when he speaks about Growing Up Italian and how that differs from how others ethnic people grow up. 

Joe speaks in an Australian Accent so you have to listen when he talks about being a WOG. That’s what the Italian immigrants are called in Australia….. WOGs  

This presentation is called “Growing up with an Italian Mum”. Recorded Live in Australia, 2010. It’s really very funny. 

When he talks about the “Time out Chair” and how new parents use it to discipline their children in comparison to how Italian parents do it…. He says yea we had a time out chair… usually if was hit over our heads. We usually called in the Pass Out Chair. Because after your dad hit you with it you ………. Passed Out. He really makes you laugh. 

Joe Avati (born 1974) is an Italian-Australian comedian who is popular among Italian and descendant of Italians from his native Australia, as well as in Canada, United Kingdom and the United States, where he has performed on several occasions.

His parents are from Calabria in Italy and some of his show is performed in the Calabrese dialect, in English with or without a Calabrese accent.

Avati’s observational brand of comedy have earned him comparisons to Jerry Seinfeld, and in promotions he is referred to as “the Italian Seinfeld”. His observations are drawn from the life around his Italian family, particularly his experiences growing up. The characters and traits that Avati mentions seem to be universal in Italian families, which is why audiences familiar with this cultures are able to identify with him.




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