Luciano Pavarotti & The Corrs – O Sordato Nammurato

Luciano Pavarotti & The Corrs – O Sordato Nammurato –

O surdato ‘nnammurato (in English: “The Soldier in Love”) is a famous song written in the Neapolitan language. The song is used as the anthem of S.S.C. Napoli.

The words were written by Aniello Califano and the music composed by Enrico Cannio in 1915. The song describes the sadness of a soldier who is fighting at the front during World War I, and who pines for his beloved. Originally Cannio’s sheet music was published with piano accompaniment, but in recordings, on 78rpm, then LP, Neapolitan standards such as O surdato have usually been orchestrated to suit each tenor.


You are far away from this heart, I fly to you in thought: I hope and want nothing more than always keeping you by my side! Are you sure about this love As I am sure that I love you …

Oh life, oh my life … Oh heart of this heart … You were the first love … and the first and last you will be for me!

How many nights have I not seen you, not felt you in my arms, not kissed your face, not held you tight in my arms?! But, waking from these dreams, you make me cry for you …

Oh life, oh my life …

Write ever and be happy: I can only think of you… One thought comforts me, you only think of me … The most beautiful woman in the world, is never more beautiful than you!

The Corrs when performing with Luciano Pavarotti used the following English lyrics for the second piece:

so many nights without you
without you in my arms
I can kiss you, i can draw you close to me
but wake up from your slumber
you make me cry for you

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