One pot pasta Dish

One pot pasta Dish

For this casarecce dish


300 gr of casarecce

2 cups of halved cherry tomatoes 

2 tablespoons of olive oil,

 1 finely chopped garlic clove,

1 chopped chillie,

1 tablespoon of capers

 1 splash of white wine (about 150 ml),

 seasoned with salt.


For this casarecce dish I sautéed two cups of halved cherry tomatoes in two tablespoons of olive oil, added 1 finely chopped garlic clove, a chopped chillie, a tablespoon of capers and after about 45 seconds I deglazed with a splash of white wine (about 150 ml), seasoned with salt. Once the alcohol evaporated (1-2 minutes), I added 300 gr of casarecce (uncooked), stirred, then covered everything with boiling water from the kettle.

Stirring occasionally is important to prevent sticking, and also adding more water as needed, to just keep everything submerged, if it gets absorbed too fast. This pasta shape takes about 9-10 minutes to perfect al dente. Do keep checking and testing. Turn the heat off, add some chillie oil, if liked or Parmesan cheese.