Pinocchio – “I’ve Got No Strings” – Classic Italian Story


“I’ve Got no Strings”

Classic Italian Story



Pinnocchio – Did you know that this is an Italian Story?

Classic Italian story – Picocchio – And the song that we remember from that movie. “I’ve Got no Strings”


Pinocchio and Giapetto

The Adventures of Pinocchio, a children’s novel was written in  1883 by Carlo Collodi. Pinocchio is the name a variant of common “pinolo” or pine seed. 

The Adventures of Pinocchio character

Original art by Enrico Mazzanti
First appearance The Adventures of Pinocchio(1883)
Created by Carlo Collodi
Species Wooden marionette (later Human)
Gender Male
Family Mister Geppetto (father)
Nationality Italian

Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket

Pinocchio is a fictional character and the protagonist of the children’s novel The Adventures of Pinocchio (1883) by Italian writer Carlo Collodi. Carved by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a village near Lucca, he was created as a wooden puppet but dreams of becoming a real boy. He is notably characterized for his frequent tendency to lie, which causes his nose to grow.


Pinocchio’s nose gets longer when he tells a fib.

Pinocchio is a cultural icon. As one of the most reimagined characters in children’s literature, his story has been adapted into other media, notably the 1940 Disney film Pinocchio.


Walt Disney’s Pinocchio


Pinocchio was created as a wooden puppet but dreamed of becoming a real boy. He has also been used as a character who is prone to telling lies and fabricating stories. 


Pinocchio was created by Geppeto his real Dad


Pinocchio is known for having a short nose that becomes longer when he is under stress, especially while lying.


Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket

In the original tale, Collodi describes him as a “rascal,” “imp,” “scapegrace,” “disgrace,” “ragamuffin,” and “confirmed rogue,” with even his father, carpenter Geppetto, referring to him as a “wretched boy.” Upon being born, Pinocchio immediately laughs derisively in his creator’s face, whereupon he steals the old man’s wig.


Pinocchio and Geppeto


Pinocchio’s bad behavior, rather than being charming or endearing, is meant to serve as a warning. Collodi originally intended the story, which was first published in 1881, to be a tragedy. It concluded with the puppet’s execution. Pinocchio’s enemies, the Fox and the Cat, bind his arms, pass a noose around his throat, and hang him from the branch of an oak tree.


Pinoccho a Classic Italian Story


 Pinocchio has been called an icon of modern culture and one of the most re-imagined characters in the pantheon of children’s literature.


Pinocchio – Most famous Italian Puppet



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