Sicilia Sunrise – Alba Siciliana

Sicilia Sunrise – Alba Siciliana 

Lovely Sunrise

Time Lapse Video

Sicilia – Acicastello – Sicilia

Sunrise. The beginning of a new day in Acicastello Sicilia


Sicilia Sunrise:

The words translated into Italian mean Alba Siciliana.

If you haven’t gotten up and gone to watch the sunrise recently you owe yourself a trip. I try to make a point of watching both the sunrise and sunsets as often as I can whenever I have a clear view. In Sicily the east coast is the best place to view the sunrise.  It is a wonderful way to start your day. In this time lapse video the sunrise over the Mediteranean is captured. 




Sicilia / Sicily

You can generally only get a clear sunrise in Sicily over the Mediterranean on the East Coast. These shots were taken in Acicastello Sicily. Most people have no idea how beautiful Sicily is. Hopefully these photos will help understand how the day begins in Bella Sicilia. 



Sicilian Sunrise


Once the sun has risen there is a great deal to explore on the Island of Sicily. Much tradition and places of Beauty. There are 7 Unesco sites in Sicilia.

Go there.

Watch the sunrise and then explore…. Enjoy Wonderful Sicily 


Sicilian cart


Sicilian Sunrise






East Coast of Sicily



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