Torta della Nonno

Torta della Nonno

Torta della Nonno is a delicious cake filled with chocolate. You may have heard of torta della Nonna or Grandmother’s cake and this is the Grandfather’s cake version with chocolate which the grandmother’s cake doesn’t have. Both cakes named after grandparents are traditional Italian recipes you will find in many restaurants in Italy.

Ingredients for a 22/24 cm mold:

Shortcrust pastry:

300 g of flour 00

2 medium eggs

100 g of sugar

75 g of seed oil

1 pinch of salt

8 g of baking powder

lemon peel

Custard: (For video instructions of the custard see here)

500 gr of fresh whole milk

4 yolks

120 grams of sugar

40 gr of corn starch

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

lemon peel

50 g of dark chocolate

15 g of pine nuts

15 g of almonds

powdered sugar

Below is the video instructions of Torta alla Nonno by Le Ricette di Terroresplendore

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