Tuna Croquettes

Tuna Croquettes

Ingredients For 6 people:

Tuna in oil 350 gr
3 eggs
4 tablespoons of flour
a glass of milk
butter 60g
bread crumbs
chopped parsley
2 eggs (for gilding)
butter (for frying)


Melt the butter in a pan, then add the milk and the flour and cook for about 10 minutes, stirring thoroughly.
Aside put the tuna to boil in a pot so that it lose the oil scent then, after 20 minutes, drain it and put it in a bowl where you add the eggs, cream freshly made flour and finally the chopped parsley .
Mix well, then form some balls, pass them in the beaten eggs with a pinch of salt and then in bread crumbs, then fry them in butter.
As soon as they are golden, drain, let them dry on a paper towel and serve hot piping.

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