Zabaione (egg custard)

Zabaione (egg custard)

The zabaione is the most classic and simple custard in Italy: it’s usually served in a cup and accompanied by dry biscuits, or it can be used to make other desserts.


Hi everyone and welcome to the GialloZafferano kitchen, today we’ll be preparing together a classic Italian custard: the zabaione. It’s a delicate, liquid custard made from eggs and flavoured with fortified wine, such as marsala, vermouth or moscato. Let’s see together what we need to make the zabaione:

• 8 tbsp (100 ml) of fortified wine, I’ve chosen the moscato
• 8 tbsp (160 g) of sugar
• 8 yolks

Let’s make together the zabaione.

First of all, separate the egg whites from the yolks, since we’ll use only the yolks. Then put them in a pan, if you have it use a pan like this, with a round bottom, otherwise you can use any other you have at home… add the sugar and whisk everything with a beater until you have a fluffy thick cream… then we’ll add the chosen liqueur.
Here we are, as you can see the mixture is white and foamy, so we can add the chosen wine in a thin stream.
After adding the fortified wine, place the pan into a slightly larger pan filled with boiling water. The smaller pan must not touch the water and the water shouldn’t boil anymore. Then whisk the mixture for at least 10 minutes more.


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