Dad – 10 Common Sense Things my Italian Father taught Me


10 Common Sense Things

My Italian Father taught Me 

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Thank God for Dad. He didn’t talk much in fact the times we communicated were usually playing golf together or watching sports. But he taught me a lot by example or by simple explanation. Take a moment and see if any of these ten ring true. 




If you have a headache nine times out of ten you are either hungry or haven’t gone to the bathroom.



Eat eggs they’re good for you. Don’t believe the story about heart disease that was put out by somebody making money selling something other than eggs, probably the cereal company.

And make sure they are from walking chickens not those big egg factories where the chickens never see the light of day and eat………. who the hell knows what.



Wash your mouth out with 3% Peroxide every few days. When you brush your teeth sometimes they bleed. This is like a cut in your mouth and the peroxide kills infection. Peroxide costs $1.50 a bottle. The dentist costs $250 a visit.



Eat salad after dinner and use Olive Oil and Vinegar. The olive oil lubricates your insides and the vinegar kills things that shouldn’t be there.

And make sure you have onions with your salad. Onions absorb poison. They’re like a sponge for bad stuff.



Eat an apple every day and you won’t ever have a problem going to the bathroom.

If you are not going twice a day then the poisons in your body are building up and you’ll have a problem. Eat your vegetables, fruit and salad every day. You’ll be surprised at your good health.



There are some good ones but be very careful.

Take everything the doctor says with a grain of salt. If they knew everything there would be no cancer.

And they sell drugs. When you get a prescription they get a piece.

I don’t trust a lot of them.



Watch the labels on your food. It’s Real Simple.

If what you’re buying has things on the label that don’t sound like food……… It’s Not Food!

Eat Fresh Food whenever you can.




Drink real stuff. Wine with dinner, lemonade made with…… lemons.

Tea binds you, Coffee is good for you, Mineral water also good stuff. Don’t buy that manufactured junk. Just More Garbage.




When you have your kids spend time with them. Watch what they watch on TV.

The more time you spend with your children the more you can see who they’re friends are and what they’re doing when you’re not around.




Take care of your Family, put a smile on your face.

If you’re not Happy well… GET HAPPY! The problems will still be there but they will not seem so big or insurmountable.

Love Each Other!


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