Calf’s Liver Venetian Style – Fegato alla Veneziana

Calf’s Liver Venetian Style – Fegato alla Veneziana


Servings: 2

2 white onions

30-40 grams of butter

1 or more slices of calf liver

1/2 cup white wine

ground black pepper q.b.

1 lemon (optional)


time: 10minutes> Cooking time: 10minutes> Ready in: 20 minutes

Cut the onion into slices in order to separate the layers and get the strips.

In a pan, melt the butter and let cook the onion, stirring to prevent sticking to the bottom.

Slice the liver into strips half an inch.

After the onion is wilted, add the liver and pour little by little during cooking half a glass of white wine.

Season with ground black pepper and serve with the sauce and onion.

If it is acceptable for decorative purposes for which variant of taste, you can serve with lemon wedges liver that can eventually complete its flavor.

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