Google Grandma’ Maria & The Google Smart Speaker – Hysterical

Google Grandma’ Maria 

Talks into the Google Smart Speaker



Many of today’s inventions are truly phenomenal, great for those of us that have grown through the natural progression of technology.

But for some of us especially those that were born in a completely different time and place talking to the phone or the Google Home Smart Speaker can be particularly challenging. 

Watch Nonna Maria react to her first attempt at talking to the Google Home Smart speaker.

I can feel her pain.

I remember talking to both of my Grandmothers back in the day. They had a hard time believing the idea that we could call Italy on the old black phone which were commonplace back in the day. This would have been unbelievable. That’s why this video is so funny to me. 

A Little Siri History

Siri’s original release on iPhone 4S in 2011 received mixed reviews. It received praise for its voice recognition and contextual knowledge of user information, including calendar appointments, but was criticized for requiring stiff user commands and having a lack of flexibility. It was also criticized for lacking information on certain nearby places, and for its inability to understand certain English accents.

In 2016 and 2017, a number of media reports have indicated that Siri is lacking in innovation, particularly against new competing voice assistants from other technology companies. The reports concerned Siri’s limited set of features, “bad” voice recognition, and undeveloped service integrations as causing trouble for Apple in the field of artificial intelligence and cloud-based services.

The basis for the complaints was reportedly due to stifled development, as caused by Apple’s prioritization of user privacy and executive power struggles within the company.

This video went viral. 

Gotta’ Love It


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