Home-made egg pasta

Home-made egg pasta is a lot easier than you think!

The ratio that never fails, the one my Nonna taught me, is 1 egg to 100 gr of 00 flour for each person.

So if you want to make enough for 4 people,

use 4 eggs,

400 gr of flour

and a pinch of salt.

No water, no oil needed. You can do it all by hand (messy, but satisfying) or you can assemble the dough in a food processor and then finish kneading by hand until smooth. Then wrap and, crucially important, rest! 20-30 minutes (at room temp or in the fridge if too hot) is enough for the dough to become soft and pliable. Then rolling it out (either by hand or with a machine) is child’s play! Make sure you have some semolina (durum wheat flour) on hand to sprinkle the noodles with to allow to dry and not stick together.

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