Italian Grandmom reacts to Modern Baby Names

Italian Grandmom

reacts to modern Baby names



Italian Grandmom reacts to modern baby names.


Italian Grandmom…. Well times are changing. Names are changing to apparently keep up with those times. In this adorable video an Italian grandmother reacting to modern baby names is featured. Her niece apparently is deciding to name her new born names that just ….. don’t seem to fit. 

Back in the day if your last name was Italian it just seemed to be appropriate to name your baby a name that flattered your last name. If for example your last name was Mancini a first name for a boy like Marcello or Franco for example .. something like that would fit the last name.

Or for a girl if your last name was Francanero again for example a first name like Gianna, Lucia or Sofia would just sound like it fit.



Now however things have changed, and changed significantly. If you name your baby a name that seems to be in vogue today well … lets just say that decision may  not be met with a good reaction. 



Names like Bluey, Kanye or Slate at least to me do not give the last name justice. And don’t you want your kid to be proud of their name? Bluey Mancini or Slate Francanero… kind of makes me cringe. But then who am I to judge. I just know what I like. Maybe you think differently. After all it’s your kid not mine. 


Personally I have to agree with Grandmom. With all the Italian sounding first names that exist like Franco, Antonio, Michael or Angelina, Giustina and Giulia …   and all the rest I can’t imagine naming my son or daughter some of the names that we hear today in the entertainment world. But that’s just me. 


Who knows … maybe if I had been named Kanye… Kanye or Bluey Granieri It would have been ok with me……. NOT…! LOL

Either way again I’m not one to judge. It just makes me laugh. Hopefully this video will bring a little levity into your day.






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