Taxi – Latka becomes the “Playboy” Vic Ferrari


Classic Clip featuring Latka & Danny DeVito 

Very Funny

Taxi was a fantastic television series that ran for many years.  Danny DeVito was one of the stars of the show.


Andy Kaufman as Latka

Latka Gravas (Andy Kaufman) – Latka is an immigrant from a strange foreign land, often speaking in his foreign tongue (actually gibberish, often with invented phrases such as “ibi da” or “nik nik”), but when speaking English he speaks with a very heavy accent.

He works as a mechanic, fixing the taxis.

Latka was an adaptation of Kaufman’s “Foreign Man” character, which he originated in his stage act.


The Episode when Latka becomes Vic Ferrari

In this act, “Foreign Man” claimed to be from the fictional island of Caspiar in the Caspian Sea. Kaufman, feeling that he had lost creative control over the character he had created, eventually grew tired of the gag, leading the writers to give Latka multiple personality disorder. This allowed Kaufman to play other characters, the most frequent being a repellent, smooth-talking lounge-lizard persona calling himself Vic Ferrari.


Taxi.- What a great Sitcom… WOW


In this particular video Latka aka Vic Ferrari comes alive and the result is Priceless. I especially love Louie DePalma reacting. I find myself laughing out loud. Too funny.

Hope you enjoy!

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